Walter Dane transitions live

Sung by Walter Dane, this album came from Ben's idea to do a world beat jazz orchestra version of OVER THE RAINBOW.  Ben acted as producer, director, creator, arranger, orchestrator, promoter, lighting /set designer, and assistant audio engineer both live and in the studio for post production...

I Could Write a Book

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live without a net

Produced, directed, engineered, designed, and staring Benjamin Germany Callan.

santa Fe Singers

Produced, directed, engineered, designed, 

and created by  Benjamin Germany Callan.

Featuring Juli King on vocals and Ron Grinage on piano.

Santa fe singers

Singer Susan Levine with pianist Ron Grinage.  Recorded and produced by Benjamin Callan at La Casa Sena Cantina in October 1995.

You've got to be you

Engineered by Benjamin Callan.  Music by Matthew Andrae.


Engineered by Benjamin Callan.  Music by Matthew Andrae.