santa fe singers

Broadway/theatrical music featuring  20 singers, 3 pianists, &  recorded live in Santa Fe, NM at Mañana Bar, Vanessie, and La Casa Sena Cantina, from August to November 1995.  This song, FATHERS OF FATHERS,  features tenor Benjamin Callan with Greg Grissom and Jay Bailey.

Benjamin Callan solo

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the world traveled cowboy

Redneck Romeo the World Traveled Cowboy is Benjamin Callan's version of Mark Twain.  Ben wrote, sang, and directed the band.  Recorded live in Santa Fe, NM in 2009.  This song, AMERICAN COWBOY,  is Ben's idea of true patriotism and what America is really all about.......

The World traveled cowboy


The world traveled cowboy

  • CLIMB A MOUNTAIN - DAVID'S SONG, written  @ 14,500 feet

Vooduzyn/zen cafe

Sung by and lyrics by Benjamin Callan; music by Benjamin Callan, Peter Williams, & George Bond.  ZEN CAFE is the 14th song on the original VooduZyn album and nicknamed LOVE BOAT PT. 2.......

Live without a net

  • THE TIME WARP from ROCKY HORROR SHOW.  Produced, directed, and sung by Benjamin Callan live at Drama Club in Santa Fe, 1995.