The Imagine Santa Fe Foundation

Arts Education Funding

After a 25 year long, successful career as a performer, recording artist, and entertainer, Benjamin Germany Callan is now a Dallas area High School  Theatre Director.  

"I could be teaching anywhere, but they need me there.  I spend thousands of my own dollars just to afford to be there, but you can't move a river unless you start from the source."

Creative Arts Funding

Funding the creation of Art, beyond the grasp of the commercial market is the ideal... previous projects include:  Walter Dane with Doug Montgomery, Santa Fe Singers (live cabaret from La Casa Sena, Vanessa, and Mañana Bar), Walter Dane "Transitions", Redneck Romeo the World Traveled Cowboy, and many unreleased artists such as Matthew Andre.

Scholarships for the Arts

The Imagine Santa Fe Foundation is dedicated to making the world a better place through creativity,  

We provide college and conservatory scholarships as  well as grants, for  Art, Science, Math,  Literature,  and any other  creative or forward thinking  endeavor that could help change the world for the better.  

Imagine Santa Fe Productions

Non Profit Record Label

We produce recordings for the artists, by the artists, with a 50/50% split ratio, at zero expense to the artist, while allowing for complete creative freedom.

Non Profit Production Company

We produce events, concerts, recordings, and fundraisers to raise money for The Imagine Santa Fe Foundation, as well as for other Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Film Company

Tribus Documentary Films has already produced its first film on the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and is currently working on it's second film about the Dallas Arts scene.


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