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who I am:

I am a singer, writer, actor, and teacher. Born in Austin and raised in Dallas, I was honored to be named Most Talented in my senior class at Berkner High School.  I spent 3 years in the U.S. Army Infantry in Germany and then moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  From the stage to the tops of mountains, I haven't stoped singing since.  I sang at least five nights per week on stage for 23 years - a dream come true singing career.  In addition to to recording much of my own original material, I have also produced, created, and directed over 30  albums for  other artists.  I have performed  countless Broadway roles over the years, written over a hundred songs, sung with numerous bands, and been involved in some capacity with thousands of shows and recordings.  I pride myself on being an accomplished audio and lighting engineer, electrician, carpenter, infantry soldier, gymnast, and avid mountain climber.

what I do:

Singer, writer, actor, teacher

Entertainment for all occasions, weddings, private parties, corporate extravaganzas -  from solo/duet renditions of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Sinatra and Buble, or jazz standards for house concerts to my interactive show band,  "Felix and the Cats."  No matter which of these you choose, your experience will be completely customized, interactive and memorable.

Private lessons/coaching. Let me prepare you for your college auditions or coach you into creating your first actual professional  work of art.  I specialize in voice, character development, piano, musicianship, and song writing. I can walk you through the process of starting your own band or recording your own album. 

 Let me help you reach your dream.

where I'm going:

I see myself inspiring students to be involved in both school and community, creating shows and products that enrich the lives of the individual students, the school, and the community itself.  I will  provide an environment that fuels students' love for the arts, thus improving their passion for their overall academic, personal,  and professional lives.  Working from the outside in and the inside out at the same time, we will do spectacular performances that inspire those around us and create tangible products that both give each student a body of work to begin to grow and provide income streams for the school.  If performing arts is the student's final college choice, I will ensure they give the best audition possible.


Let me share my 35 years of performance experience with you.

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